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Freshen Up Your Home


New Life for Old Carpets!

Best Carpet Cleaning in West Jordan

We’re not only mean with stubborn stains and odors; we’re downright aggressive about them! Those dingy carpets that accumulate stains, dust and odors can make your home or business feel unkempt despite all your cleaning efforts. And, the odors that emit from the carpets can be unwelcoming. Adding air-fresheners or carpet-fresheners may be a quick solution, but it won’t eliminate the problem. At Aggressive Carpet Cleaning, we get serious about all that dirt and odor and we zap it out
with our truck mounted steam cleaning system. All the dirt, dust and odors will disappear and freshen up the carpet fibers to look new again!

Stains Be Gone!

No More Odors

Everybody enjoys a clean, fresh and tidy home. That is precisely why Aggressive Carpet Cleaning is committed to handling tough stains and odors in order to make your life easier and offer you complete satisfaction. We don’t forget about those stains and odors that penetrate into furniture, and we offer the same deep steam cleaning for your furnishings to make your home and/or business look and smell great! We all agree that cooking, smoke and pet odor can unfortunately get deep into carpet and furniture fibers. Our intense cleaning system is designed to eliminate all stains and odors so that you can be proud of your surroundings once again! Check out all of our carpet cleaning specialties and furniture cleaning on our Service page.

Improve Your Health!

Call Us to Find Out

Nasty odors, dust mites and dirt can get trapped into your carpets and furniture, and that definitely does impact your overall health! These problems contribute to various allergies and can make you and your family feel unwell. Aggressive Carpet Cleaning will eliminate those problems that are deep within the carpets and furnishings. We will make your home and air much cleaner and fresher with our deep steam cleaning for carpets and furniture. The atmosphere in your home or business will become as fresh as the great outdoors! You shouldn’t wait another minute, contact us to find out how we can help you breathe easy!